Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Running for Troy Wendt

In early June, 2007, Troy Wendt was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic lukemia. Since then, Troy has endured a medical regimen including spinal taps every three months, monthly Vincristine chemotherapy and oral steroids, weekly Methotrexate chemotherapy and Antibiotic Bactrim medications, and a daily dose of oral Mercaptopurine chemotherapy. Along with the physical limitations caused by his treatment, Troy's diet is extremely limited and prepared with extraordinary care. His family has shown a willingness to sacrifice everything to offer the best treatment possible, and at any cost. Their determination and endurance is inspiring to all of us. (You can learn more about Troy and his treatment at http://www.troywendt.blogspot.com/.)

Several of our attorneys participate in organized races and other events. When we do, we do it for Troy Wendt. We show our support by wearing shirts we've had made that displays across our backs his inspiration and our motivation: Running for Troy Wendt
Troy's family and friends have supported Troy by participating in events and fundraisers for children's charities aimed at fighting cancer. On January 30, 2010, Shaw & Lines continued its support for Troy by sponsoring several runners in London's Run, an annual benefit event at Schnepf Farms Queen Creek, Arizona. London's Run was established to support London Solomon, a beautiful and courageous six-year old girl who bravely battled acute lymphocytic leukemia. In her memory, and to support others like Troy, the annual event includes 2 mile, 10K and half-marathon runs. Several runners sported our shirts showing their support for Troy, and his inspiration.

Among the hundreds of other participants, Shaw & Lines sponsored Mark Lines in the half-marathon race.

Mark finished with a respectable time running all 13.1
miles motivated by constant thoughts of Troy's endurance through his incomparable struggle.
Although he held a strong lead for the first 8 miles, Mark was passed and finished several minutes behind another runner also out in support of Troy ... his father, Chris Wendt.